LED Security light SE01W

Guarder  1080P  P2P LEDCAM
1:1080P P2P LedCam with WiFi and wired network transmission
2:P2P via Smart link / QR cord registered
3:With Local MicroSD Card Storage,/Mobile Remote Video Storage/Cloud Storage 
4:With 2way audio,alarm notification,screenshots, playback videos etc..
5: With LED lighting,LED lamp is 3W;400Lumens
6: Using Motion Dection instead of PIR Detection to lighting or extinguishing  double-headed LED illumination 
7:Motion detection distance: 8-10 meters; LED light time is 30S-600S Adjustable seconds
8:Infrared night vision 15 meters
9:The color temperature range of LED: 4000 [K] 
10:Built-in alarm buzzer to frighten intruders
11:Each camera has a unique ID, and can only register a single account
12:Social media sharing to facebook/Yutubeand /Family Members 
13:Material: Plastic
14:IP54 Waterproof and Dust-proof Level
15:Design the bracket of Shear resistant structure
16:DC12V/2A Power Input
17: Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
LED Security light
IP65/Beam Angle:120°/Material:Plastic+Aluminum
PIR/Sensor/CCT switching type available
LED Securtiy Light SE02B
Guarder 1080P P2P LEDCAM